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just thought i'd drop by and let you know what's going on. well, i'm gaining distance from everything and i don't want to write in this journal anymore. so now, i say farewell.. *waves to everyone* i talked my mom into letting me having the computer back and everything so yea. if you guys wanna keep in touch or wanna know how i'm doing just IM me on AIM ((my s/n is bubblegumbabsy)) or email me ((theflyingbobs@hotmail.com)) welp, i guess that's all. byee everyone.
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It's been neat reading yer entries ... I'll miss yer adventures and what you have to say. Good luck :)

*Queer love*
join porfirio_diaz.
[ the first lj community dedicated to
at the drive-in, sparta and the mars volta. ]
Hey! Sorry to bother you! I'm trying to get a word out for my band in Michigan. I noticed you like strung out and we all love them! We're a rock band called Alucard, from Sterling Heights, MI. All I'm asking is that you check us out if you have time! Thanks for reading and sorry for taking up space! Thanks!!

hi, i see that you like strung out, one of my favorite bands

if you like them you should check out our band, KILL YOUR EX!

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