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This is cute, I got it from Dookiegrld.

1.How many people have you "been" with? 2
2.How many were them were one night stands? 1
3.Who was the best? lol, no one needs to know this.
4.Who was the worst? hahahaha, makes me laugh to think about that one.
5.Why was it bad? PAIN!
7. How old you were you when you lost your virginity? 14
8. Are you still with that person? NEVER!
9. Was that person impotent? lol, nope
10. Was that person the most beautiful thing on earth? *sigh* I'll never look @ anyone the way I looked @ him.
11. How many people do you think you will have sex with? lol, i'm bekkee.. who knows!
13. Have you ever been in love? *sighs great big* more than once.
14. Are you in love now? I'm in love with a memory.
15. Are your parents divoriced? I only have one parent. =(
16. Did this affect you as a child? I didn't really have a childhood.
17. Do you have a current crush? *blushes* not telling =)
17. What part of your body to you find the most appealing? I'm ugly. My whole body sucks.
18. What do you find attractive on a male? eyes.. and smile
19. What makes you cringe? Heights. I hate heights.
20. Has a boy ever made you cry? AHHH! YES!
21.What are you wearing right now? Cannibal Corpse shirt and loose jeans.
22.When's the last time you showered? When I became undrunk...
23.Who is your best friend? Sissy Sawah, Bobby, Kirk.. i think that's close to it.
24.Who are you closest friends? Sissy Sawah, Bobby, Kirk, Pork, Cale..
25.How do you feel right now? Lonely.
26. When's the last time you ate? Almost 4 days ago
Do you have anything you'd like to add?
I suck. =c)
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