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golly, lotsa fun last night!

Hey! Well, let's see. Brittany calls around 12 and asks if I wanna sneak out. Of course, me being Bekkee, I say yes ((lol)). She picks Chris and I up @ around 1:30 and we go up to Mark's house. ALKEEHAUL! =c) We got drunk and then smoked some pot. Picked up her friend Whitney, went looking for some corcidin. Couldn't find any, so we took Whitney home and we drove around some more. Made our way to Quincy Park. Jessica B. and I immediately run towards the tank and jump on it. Then we sorta fall off. *giggle* We started running towards the flagpole and I slip on the damp grass and fall down and go bye bye! FUN! =c) Markie dropped Chris and I off @ our house around 4:30 or so ((drunk, mind you)). I get online and talk to some people. I think Pork told me to call him and I did. I think that's why there's a snowman painted on Bobby's door. HAHA! =c) Getting drunk again tonight, that's if I can get the moneys. Welp, I'll write more later. Byee! *waves*
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