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CHARCOAL...bad... =(

Well, well, well... Let's see. LOOONG night last night. Things DIDN'T turn out as we were hoping. We went to Wal-mart, got the pills, and drove to their dad's. We took them and WHOA! We were havin' fun. Well, Suzanne wanted to go out and buy more, so, we went with her. She got out of the car and Sawah and I were too scared to stay in the car alone, so we caught up with her. She went to take them to the counter, and we were walking around waiting on her. The cop saw us and decided to be an ass, and walks up to us. Sawah was too fucked up to talk, so I did the talking. He thought we were drunk, but I had to explain to him what we were on. Suzanne comes out, and gets bombarded by the cops. She gets charged for contributing and drug abuse I think. The ambulance was there and Sarah didn't know what was going on, so I had to explain all of it to her. We got to the hospital and yea, Sawah and I got seperated. All kinds of heart monitors were hooked up to me. I had to change into a gown. Forced to drink cup after cup of charcoal. I puked 1/2 of it up. They wanted me to piss in a cup, but fuck that. I can't ever piss in a cup. Anyway, they did all kinds of tests, and I was finished. I got home about 5:30 or so. =( Now, parents telling me and Sawah that we's not allowed to see each other.. Fuck them! They can't stop us!!!!
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