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online until my mom gets home..

Hey, I'm sneaking online until mom gets home @ 5. Well, anyway.. About what happened:

Brittany stole her mom's car, AGAIN, and came and picked me up. Ashley and Whitney were with her. We drove to Mark's to pick Markie up and then went to South Walmart. I gave Brittany the money and she went in and stole 4 boxes of corcidin and bought some starbursts. We were on our way to Jesse's and as we were pulling in, Markie hit Steve's bumper on his truck causing the whole fuckin' side of Brittany's Mom's car to be dented and scratched. I guess Pap called the cops. We all went to Hardee's to get something to drink and take our corcidins. I took mine and we were all fine for awhile. The cops started rolling in so I ran up to Jesse's and when they asked, told them I was staying the night with her. I don't remember much of the rest cuz I was trippin' balls. I remember cops asking me questions and shit and I remember my mom coming to pick me up. I guess Brittany told the cops I MADE her take the car and that we were all drunk. *shrugs* Who knows.. I don't really care though cuz I'll be out of here soon and Mom can't keep me locked in this house forever. Well, I'll try to keep sneaking on and keep you updated, but no promises. Byee! *waves*
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