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*~underestimated interventions, used against our youth~*

Hewwos! We had soooo much fun last night. I'm going to try to remember it so I can tell you about it. Well, we walked to the store to get a pop cuz I can't take the pills with water, cuz it's ewwy!!! We came back, took them, and Chris starts annoying me before they kick in. And then he starts kickin' the shit outta me, but that's okie. Well, 10 minutes pass and Sawah's already kicked in. Mine hadn't yet, so we went outside and I pushed her down the street in the buggy that Snyder and I stole. She was flipping out, lol! Came back inside, hung in my room for awhile, and mom comes home. We were scared out of our minds, so we went back outside and laid in her truck for awhile. Came back inside, went to my room, and started being fuckin' stupid. We wanted to go play, so we went to the playground. I rolled down the hill =c)! We had fun there, but we came home. We ran out of cigs, so Bill told us to meet him at the corner, we went, and were "flying". He bought us two packs! =c)!!!
We came home and.. did nothing, I guess, cuz it was wearing off. We were ALMOST asleep and mom comes in and makes us talk to the bob. SHE WOKE US UP! =( Well, that was our night, so yea! =c)

...the Rock Star
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