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:>|<:we sleep in what we create, right now i'm living in so much hate:>|<:

Hewwo! Whoa, long day and night ((last night)). Well, let's see. I had an away message up about a boy and he knew it was about him, so he got offline and called me. We talked about the whole thing. =/ For a long time.. *sigh* I felt bad. I was reading through all of his old letters and I got reminded of everything he ever said to me and was denying any of it being true. I'm still in denial, but eh. I stayed up all night last night writing poems. I wrote lots. Hmm, I was up and bouncy until 9 this morning and then I went to bed until 11 because I was awakened by Jesse's call. I love my Jesse =) ((Jesse Judge)) She wanted me to goto her apartments and hang w/her for a while. I got there about 1 and Chris, Markie, Jessie, and I had some fun =c)!!! Aww, I loves my babe! Well, I got home and chilled wif the hottie hippies that live across the street, fun stuff! =c) Sawah's s'posed to come over as soon as she gets in town from seeing Bobba, so yea.. Fun day! YES! =c) *giggle* Full of adventure. Oh, and plus, I went to Wendy's and got me some munch-o's!! go me! Welp, I'm out.
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