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*-consider the odds, consider the obvious, the martyr is meaningless, the campaign has died-*

Hey! Whoa, it's been awhile since I've updated. I tried updating earlier, but LJ wouldn't fucking load.. *gives mean face* Anyhoo.. Didn't do much yesterday, just hung wif Sawah and watched movies and such. Saw her in her bridesmaid dress, and it was cute-i-ful! =c) *smiles great big* She's gonna go see Bob tomorrie, and we're both gonna go before school starts. So, go us! =c) Well, let's see.. Today and late last night, was spent cleaning out my closet, hanging up my clothes, and actually making it neat. ((most of you should know how fuckin' messy it looked)) Well, now, it's all pretty-ful and depressing! YAY! Oh!!! I got my aroma therapy thingie hooked up, so it's all gravy! I went to bed late and woke up about 10 this morning and went back to cleaning. It's cozy in my room now! *giggles* I gotta talk to Bob earlier, so that's good. The cat won't fuckin' stop making noises.. I'm about to throw the damn thing out the door! >=c|

I went shopping for school stuff today and got my backpack. ((One just like yours Sawah!!!)) I got a whole bunch of neat stuff too, so yay!

Welp, I better go, I have tons of poems to write *giggle* Byee! *blows a kiss*
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