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...@ sarah's...

heyhey, i'm @ my sissy sawah's house and figured, hey, since i have the time, why not update! =c) Well, let's see... Mom took me shopping and I bought 5 pairs of jeans and 3 shirts. I only shopped @ JC Penney's cuz I dislike shopping.. yes. *giggle* Anyhoo.. I get home and Sarah calls. She comes and picks me up, and we went to the mall. Her mom's b/f and his daughter was with us. She seemed nice, but she didn't talk all that much so I really couldn't tell. We all went to the mall, *giggle*, and we looked @ the RV thingies.. ((campers, whatever you wanna call 'em)). We walked around the mall a little bit ((Sarah and I, that is)) while the momma, the chicks dadda, and the chick went around. We walked into Profitt's and these workers bombarded by people with flyers. We walked outside and set them on fire, and then cigarettes. Anyhoo, we walked back in and saw this really neat marble thingie.. Sarah picked it up from the waterfall thinga majig and water went everywhere.. She put it back on and we ran.. UNTIL we saw the manican.. This manican was a unique one, lemme tell ya... I was playing around with the hand on it cuz it moved and I tried to push it back up, and well, the whole fuckin' arm fell off. We ran fast. =c) We had some gum that we didn't want anymore, so on the way back, we spit it out on the ground. =c) We kept walking, and there was a "Caution: Wet Floor" sign that I just had to hump! =) I used to hump things all the damn time, haha. We were waiting for her mom to meet us and we walked into Afterthoughts, looked around, and had some guy that I hate come up and annoy the fuck outta me. *grr to him* We were waiting in line for the movie ((We saw The Others)) and I was tellin' Sawah about Cale, and then he comes up to me.. weird stuff. Well, the movie rocked =c) Sarah jumped bunches though.. and hit me, but it's all gravy =c).

Well, that was pretty much my day, and here I am.. sitting here wif my sissy gettin' ready to go smoke a ciggy.. again.. =c)!!!

Today is hers and Bobby's 7 month anniversary.. yes sireebobbadoodle! Welp, I'm out.


...the Becks! =c)
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